Who am I ?

Why me ?


Who am I ?

Emeline TRAJAN

Professional of the luxury hospitality industry for 10 years and accredited of a Master 2 in International Business entirely in english from a renowned business school, I am proposing my services in translations, interpretation, transcription in French, English and Spanish languages (other languages + sworn documents upon request).

Totally trilingual thanks to my several trips, degree courses and life experience abroad during several years (London - Barcelona - Mexico), it is naturally that I reconcile my passion for foreign languages as well as for different cultures along with the pleasure of helping others.

Specialised in different fields;

- Legal field thanks to legal english courses taken in England

- International trade obtaining a Master’s degree in International Business in a State recognised Business School and member of the   « grande école » conference as well as AMBA & AACSB accredited: Paris School of Business;

- Hospitality industry/Tourism linked to my 10 years of professional experience in strategic welcoming, sales and marketing functions as well as obtaining a Bachelor's degree in this field;

I remain nevertheless open to further fields.


Why me ?

Passionate about foreign languages ​​since very young, the launch of my activity was obvious.

After having lived, studied and worked many years abroad and especially after 10 years evolving in the French Luxury Hospitality sector and Internationally, I use today my rigor and my professionalism at your service.

I have a strong desire for good quality work and service personalisation; they are my main assets to bring you maximum level of satisfaction.


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